Dylan Hubble
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The next evolution of a Todo list, this is a system that understands the urgency, importance, timelines and dynamically adjusts what you should be working on to maximize your output.

Template system built on Fibery to be fully extendible, modifiable and able to be added to any way you see fit


  • Dynamic algorithm to prioritize tasks
  • Charting with 7 included updating graphs that give insights into your work
  • 6 powerful views to see your open tasks and projects through different lenses
  • Publish tasks with one click, allowing others to see what you are currently working on
  • Powerful search functionality that looks through every piece of data in the system,
  • Light + Dark mode
  • Notification + integrations with Zapier Gmail Others
  • Fully customizable add any flags, tweak any formulas open for you to edit
  • powerful, extendable, charting platform
  • Add more views to display the list as you see fit
  • Add your own icons.
  • Lifetime updates

Getting Set up

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~24 hours


0 ratings
I want this!